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I am basically Zeref. Basically literally.

Jul 30


I have to walk around in public without holding your hand and I feel like I’m missing a limb. I felt less vulnerable with just the simple touch of your palm against mine.

Jul 27



I’m the type that loves clingy. You can’t sleep at 3 am, maybe 4? That’s okay, call me. I don’t mind if you wake me up. You’re never annoying to me, no matter how many times you call or text me. I love it. I love that you care so much.

Holy hell, You don’t understand how much these words mean to me.

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Jul 24


this is never going to not be funny 

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Jul 23


i just really hope all of you find someone who is really cool that you can love and have sex with and all that shit but you can also talk politics and about evolution. someone you don’t cling to at parties but you nonchalantly grab their ass when you walk by them in the crowd and someone you reach for at 2am in between dreams to cuddle.

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A Night Fury never misses.

* bitter laugh *


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“The most important things are the hardest to say. They are the things you get ashamed of, because words make them smaller. When they were in your head they were limitless, but when they come out they seem to be no bigger than normal things.” Stephen King, The Body (via ahmoses)

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This has to be back on my Tumblr.


This has to be back on my Tumblr.

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Jul 22

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Jun 23

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